China Demands THIS From All Leaders

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They must be out of their minds!

A recent report from Axios states that China has been leveraging their pandemic aid to get world leaders to praise them and limit the criticisms.

“In the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese authorities launched a global propaganda campaign to downplay their culpability in causing the pandemic, at one point suggesting that the U.S. military set the virus loose in Wuhan. Part of that propaganda machine involved pressuring foreign officials to make public displays of appreciation in return for needed medical supplies.”

A U.S. ambassador also stated that the Chinese officials told the Polish President to call Xi Jinping, and praise him so that Poland would receive aid.

The Global Public Policy Institute director said, “The fairly aggressive party-state effort to ‘tell a good China story’ actually increases public awareness that these propaganda efforts on the Chinese side are going on. They are shooting themselves in the foot by being so pushy on this.”

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Quartz

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