China Issues IRONIC Message To U.S.

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They really should not be talking…

Recently, Communist China posted a statement saying that America needs to “change” their views on “private ownership of guns.” It’s quite ironic because China is known to have millions of people in concentration camps. A country that’s worse off is telling another country that one of their amendments is a “serious problem.”

Their attack comes after protestors in Hong Kong wanted to have their own Second Amendment to protect themselves against a government that was oppressing them. 

Senator Ben Sasse had the best response to the Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. 

“If Chairman Xi is the “people’s leader,” who are the people? When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,” he doesn’t mean the Uyghurs in torture camps. When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,’ he doesn’t mean the Falun Gong prisoners whose organs are harvested. When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,” he doesn’t mean the baby girls who were left to die under China’s one-child policy. When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,” he means what every communist hack before him has meant: not the people but the communist party.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Image credit: CNBC

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