Cindy McCain Breaks SILENCE About Election

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She should have just stayed quiet.

Cindy McCain, the late John McCain’s widow, recently appeared on “The View,” and stated that Republicans played an important role in a Biden administration.

Ana Navarro was asking McCain questions and said, “Do you think there’s still room in the Republican Party for people like you, for people like me? And I also want to know if you would consider a role in the Biden administration because Secretary McCain sounds pretty damn good to me.”

McCain responded saying, “I do sit on the transition team, and I’m very proud and honored to do so. And my job is to help recruit Republicans into places within the administration. This is an administration that is going to be all-inclusive, and there is a role for Republicans in the administration.”

Is she living in her own fantasy? There is no way a Biden-Harris administration will allow any Republican or anyone that thinks differently in their cabinet.

Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: FOX 10 Phoenix

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