CNN Host Says The UNTHINKABLE On Live Air

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He’s going to regret what he said…

CNN’s Anderson Cooper attacked Trump during the network’s coverage of the 2020 DNC. Cooper both praised former President Obama’s speech and used the speech to bash Trump.

He stated that Trump “could never” be able to give a speech like Obama and ridiculed Trump by saying, “So, sitting in his bathroom tweeting is the best he can do.”

Cooper also included that for Obama’s speech, the former president was “not screaming in all-caps from the White House like President Trump on his Twitter machine, speaking in lowercase with the camera kind of almost looking up at him a little bit. The intimacy of it also was unique.”

He better be ready for some retaliation for what he said about Trump. There’s no way he will stay unscathed.

Read the whole article and watch a video of his statement here.

Image Credit: HuffPost

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