CNN Host SLAMS The Door In Trump’s Face

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He better be ready for what comes next…

During an airing of CNN, anchor Don Lemon decided it would be a great idea to attack President Trump and state that Trump is “embarrassing himself” for delaying the signing of the coronavirus stimulus bill.

Lemon stated, “Ron, I got to tell you, watching this as much as you can as a layperson over the holidays because I was spending time off and not working, it’s embarrassing. The president is just embarrassing himself and really ruining whatever legacy that he has acquired since he’s been in office.”

“These stimulus checks, Ron, were already slated to go out as soon as this week. Though, that timing could slide according to an administration official. And then the president comes in. He delays the deal for a week. It’s not just politics. There are real — this impacts Americans who are counting on this money.”

It’s insane that there are people who still tune in to what CNN is producing. Read the rest of the article and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: RealClearPolitics

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