Democrat LOSES It On Air, Blames Trump For WHAT?

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This is crossing the line.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Cedric Richmond attacked President Donald Trump on MSNBC stating that he has “cost us American lives.”

Host Kasie Hunt asked Richmond if he thinks an ad for 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden suggesting Trump’s incompetence has cost American lives is accurate.

“Look, if you ask me do I think the president’s actions have cost us American lives? The answer is yes, unfortunately,” Richmond told Hunt. “Let’s go back to I believe it was January 22nd when he did his first interview, and I think it was on CNBC and they asked him, ‘Do you think we have the danger of a pandemic from coronavirus?’ He said, ‘No, no, no, not at all. We have this totally under control.’”

Richmond added that while Trump is probably to blame for many lost lives, he is the president’s “biggest fan.”

“Look, people know how I feel about President Trump, but right now, I am his biggest fan,” he said. “I want him to win because if he wins, that means we save lives. I’m just not that confident that he has it in him to do it. But I’m hoping for him, I’m praying for him, and I’m praying for the American people.” You can watch a clip of Richmond’s remarks here.

Image credit: Reason Magazine

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