Democrat Makes INSANE 2020 Prediction

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You won’t believe what she said.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Elizabeth Warren predicted that before the 2020 election the economy will collapse which will populate the Biden vote in the election.

MSNBC host Hayes said, “So, there — I want to lay out a sort of worst-case scenario and hear how you’re thinking about it going forward. There were two things the last time that — the last time a Democratic president was elected after a Republican president left the country in ruins, which was just 12 years ago, there were sort of two constraints on being able to get out of that. One was, I think, a little bit of intellectual mistakes by people who were advising the Obama ministration about how big the hole was and how much had to be filled, how big you should go.”

“Two, which was bigger, was that the Republicans turned around and suddenly got religion on the deficit, disingenuously and said, no, we can’t spend,” he continued. “They tried to block everything, right? Well, I mean, obviously, they’re going to try to do that again, should Joe Biden be elected. How are you thinking through avoiding that mistake, avoiding allowing Republicans to essentially stand in the way of what will almost certainly be necessary, should Democrats take power?”

Warren replied, “Look, Donald Trump is going to spend this election trying to fool people into thinking the economy isn’t collapsing around us because of his failure to lead during this health crisis. But it is. And Joe Biden wants to build this economy back better than before. He’s going to have a mandate from the American people, and he’s going to use two kinds of tools. One of them is, just like you said, there is nobody better than Joe Biden at talking to folks in the Senate, talking to folks in the House.

“We get a majority in the House, we get a majority in the Senate, we’re ready to run,” she continued. “We’re going to make this happen. And, by the way, that’s why it is important not only to win in the White House but up and down the ticket. And I’m going to be out there fighting for that, and a lot of people are. But the second thing is, he’s going to use all of the tools of government. Joe Biden understands this. He’s been in government for a long time. He’s got a lot of experience. And he’s got a lot of good people who want to help him.” You can watch a clip of Warren’s remarks here.

Image credit: Fox News

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