Democrat Party Receives BAD News

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Looks like things are about to change for the Democrats.

Recently, the Connecticut GOP issued a resolution calling for the Democratic Party to change their name. The chairman for the state GOP said, “We believe it is vital that every citizen know the truth about the so-called party of inclusion and acceptance.”

He also added:

If we are to hold Christopher Columbus accountable over 500 years after the fact, it is our duty and moral obligation to hold the Democratic Party accountable.

As recently as 1977, Joe Biden sought the support of segregationists. Biden has publicly stated that ‘you ain’t black’ unless you support the Democratic Nominee. Statements like this bring back the ugly imaginary of political cartoons like ‘Of Course He wants to vote Democrat Ticket.’”

A lot of hate has been directed at the Republican Party, but now it’s time for the Democratic Party to get what they deserve. It’s time for them to take accountability for their own actions and do what they want the Republicans to do.

Read the full story here.

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