Democrats Devastated After What The White House Said About Impeachment

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Their hopes have been crushed.

Nancy Pelosi has finally sent the articles of impeachment over to the Senate and it looks like this whole scam will finally come to an end. White House officials are saying that the impeachment trial will end in less than two weeks. 

“I think it’s extraordinarily unlikely that we’d be going beyond two weeks. We think that this case is overwhelming for the president, and the Senate is not going to have any need to be taking that amount of time on this.”

A White House official also said, “These are the weakest articles of impeachment that have ever been passed in any presidential impeachment. They state no violation of a crime, no violation of any law.”

There really was no point in delaying sending the impeachment articles because the result will be the same. Read the rest of the article here.

Image Credit: The Times Of Israel

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