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What an unexpected turn of events. 

Recently, several Democrats shocked their party when they decided to defect and vote for a GOP motion that wanted to “restrict Chinese access to American infrastructure projects if those Chinese companies commit human rights abuses.”

The motion was introduced by Rick Crawford and the proposal went through with 224 votes for and 193 against.

When introducing the amendment, Crawford said, “We can’t afford to allow the Chinese government to take control of our power grid or broadband system — and we all know that allowing Chinese companies to compete for these projects often opens the door to Chinese government control. Time and again, China has demonstrated its hostility to America’s interests and international standards of transparency and accountability while violating basic human morality.”

We have a moral obligation to ensure that no government that treats its citizens this way – and none of its state-sponsored companies that help them do it – benefits from the Majority’s spending spree.”

The Democratic Party must have been shell shocked when 39 of their own decided to approve a motion to recommit and add an amendment to a Democratic bill.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Roll Call

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