Former Republican Calls Trump Supporters WHAT?

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He needs to watch what he’s saying.

The former campaign manager for McCain-Palin, Steve Schmidt, recently chastised Republicans during the RNC.

Schmidt told MSNBC host Brian Williams that he believed people in support of Trump, were following him like sheep with “complete devotion.”

Schmidt said, “This is what propaganda looks like, and we shouldn’t discount its effectiveness. You know, the Republican Party has fully become a cult of personality. There’s not even a pretense of a party platform. The party platform is veneration of, completion devotion to, and obedience to Donald Trump. That’s what the party platform is. And so in the alternate reality universe — and Nicolle Wallace was exactly right when you heard her observations on the last panel, talking about this is a president who’s not secure with his base.”

“And so they’re trying to convince the base, I think by repetition, by the audaciousness of the lie, that he’s handled this adroitly, that he’s been effective. You know, he talked about banning travel from china. In fact, 40,000 people came in from China after that ban was invoked by the president. So, look, it’s all gaslighting. It’s all nonsense. None of it is true. There are people who will believe it, but thankfully we know they’re a minority of the country.”

So now Republicans who follow Trump and support his ideals are cult followers. Schmidt did the same with McCain, but suddenly with Trump, he’s fine with back-talking the President and his supporters.

Things aren’t going how he wants so he’s pitching a fit. Read and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: New York Post

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