Fox Host STUNS Democrat By Doing THIS

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Isn’t this exactly what Democrats like?

Recently on Fox News’ “The Five,” co-host Jesse Watters decided to “pull a Pelosi” by tearing up the papers that co-host Donna Brazile was holding up. The talks began with a discussion on President Trump’s reply about former President Barack Obama tweet, when co-host Greg Gutfeld said, “And maybe Obama had something to do with today’s economy. I mean without Obama, would we have Trump?”

Brazile then claimed that the economy “got better” while Obama was in office while holding up papers while saying, “I also have graphs and maps, and anything you need,” she told Watters, “but the truth is I’m excited…”

She was cut off by Watters grabbing the papers and ripping them up. He said, “Hey, I pulled a Pelosi. You guys liked it when she did it.”

Watch a full video clip of the action here.

Image Credit: DML News

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