Fox News Host Completely EXPOSES Biden

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He has nowhere left to hide.

According to Breitbart News, Fox News host Steve Hilton slammed former Vice President Joe Biden stating his mask policy is “pure BS.”

“[P]eople died despite the lockdowns, and thousands more died because of the lockdown. We brought you the toll week after week. The establishment’s cruel, destructive lockdowns failed, yet here we are again about to repeat them,” Hilton warned. “None of it is based on science or data.”

He continued, “It is all capricious, pseudoscientific nonsense. Look at Biden with its pathetic statement about masking in his first 100 days. It is pure BS plucked out of thin air by some PR idiot. Everything Biden says about the virus is for politics, not public health. He has zero credibility. Lockdown leaders know the rules make no sense, or they wouldn’t break them all the time. Every day there is a new Democrat lockdown hypocrite. What moral authority do they have to impose lockdowns on anyone anywhere?”

He added, “They are exploiting this virus to micromanage our lives, and we have had enough of it. This lockdown groupthink is as wrong as the establishment groupthink that gave us endless war in the Middle East and a 50-year suck up to China. But this is worse than both because the costs are higher. Lockdowns are the biggest public policy mistake in history, and we have to fight them. Be responsible, protect the vulnerable, live your life.” You can watch a clip of Hilton’s remarks here.

Image credit: Newsmax

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