Fox News Host Deals HEAVY Blow To Democrats

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He is not holding back

During an airing of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson chastised the handling of violence by mayors in several U.S. cities.

Carlson also speculated that many people would be leaving those cities causing “one of the largest demographic shifts in American history.”

He stated:

Craziness, but it seems now almost normal. Violence is a feature of daily life at this point in the nation’s capital. Over the weekend, 21 people were shot in a single incident in Washington. More than half of them were women, one was a D.C. police officer.

It was the single biggest mass shooting in America this year, and yet, you probably heard nothing about it.

Members of Congress didn’t lock arms on the House floor to demand an end to the gun violence. CNN didn’t book a procession of weepy teenage gun control activists or extended Town Hall meeting.

So what will be the aftermath of all of this? What are America’s cities going to look like a year from now? There’s no question people flee Georgetown. They may have BLM signs in the driveway, but it doesn’t mean they want screaming BLM lunatics on their streets. They don’t. Nobody does, actually, no matter what they tell you. No matter what color they are, no one likes that.

That’s true for people in Georgetown, in Portland, Oregon, in San Francisco and Chicago, New York — any other place where order and decency have disappeared.

People will not live long with chaos. No matter what they tell you. No matter what signs they put in their yard, they will leave and many of them have already left.

We are about to see one of the great demographic shifts in American history. Unless the insanity stops and soon, our biggest cities will revert to what they were 50 years ago — broke, dirty and dangerous.

On the bright side, we’ll have resolved the gentrification problem. So a lot of college professors pat themselves on the back.

This is all happening because of the weak leadership from Democratic mayors.

Watch a clip of his statement here.

Image Credit: The Hill

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