Fox News Host EXPLODES, Says THIS About Trump

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Was this necessary?

Recently on Fox News’ “The Five,” host Juan Williams decided that he wasn’t happy with how President Trump has handled the pandemic and attacked Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters who were praising Trump. Gutfeld had said, “This is new to him. I think he was trying to focus on trying to quell the panic while letting the experts deal with the virus. Deeds, words. And right now, you cannot match the deeds that this administration is doing. They’re doing amazing work.”

Williams responded to Gutfeld saying, “Yeah, that’s why we have so many tests to find out who has it. That’s why we have a vaccine. The president said the vaccine’s coming in a couple weeks, now we know it’s years.”

Williams then stated that, “we don’t have an office of global immune threats.” To which Watters decided to bring up Italy and how they are doing in the outbreak.

Williams snapped saying, “Oh, now we want to compare our government to the Italians, very good, very good.” It’s a wonder how Williams is still on Fox News. He’s bashing the President, who is doing the best he can, while on a Republican news channel that is supposed to be supporting the Republican President.

Watch a full clip of the interaction here.

Image Credit: Business Insider

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