Fox News Host ORDERS Government To Stop THIS

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He has stepped out of the line…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wants government to “stop lying to us” and telling everyone that “honesty is essential at times like this.” Carlson was on Fox News talking about protective face masks when he said that the reason why government sources were telling the public that the masks “don’t work” or were for the people already infected, was because there was a fear that a shortage would infect health professionals.

Carlson stated, “That’s why honesty is essential at times like this. When the government lies, people know. They can tell, and then they stop listening.”

“From the beginning of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, mask shortages have been a major problem. But the government didn’t do that. Instead they told us lies. Dumb lies that anyone who thought about it for a second could see right through. They told the public, ‘You shouldn’t buy masks because masks don’t work.'”

“Of course masks work. Everyone knows that. Dozens of research papers have proved it … We understand only certain people should get them … we get it. But stop lying to us because it makes us cynical. It divides the country. Tell the truth.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Washington Examiner

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