Fox News Host Throws Trump UNDER The Bus

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What did he just say?

During an airing of “The Story,” Fox News host Eric Shawn stated that President Trump’s claims of fraud were “the uploads of batches of counted mail-in ballots.”

Shawn stated, “You just heard the president say it. He brands it ‘massive dump of votes.’ But election officials say it is not what he implies. They say there’s no nefarious big batch for Biden, just votes they insist are being counted properly as the law requires.”

He also added, “Officials say those spikes are not fraud, simply the way a large number of mail-in votes are entered into the computer in big batches. In fact, one Pennsylvania election official tells me ‘The ballots are opened and scanned and then uploaded, tens of thousands at a time. It would cause what looks like a spike, but if you have been countering them for many hours before that, they are aggregating uploads from various counties. It’s like saying if we uploaded 75,000 ballots in five minutes, we counted in five minutes. That’s not true. We’d been counting them for hours.”

This shows the reason why Trump does not trust Fox News anymore. They are starting to lean more liberal even though they are a conservative news site.

Read and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: The Independent

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