Fox News Host Unveils REAL Reason For CNN Settling Covington Suit

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It all makes sense now…

It was revealed recently that CNN decided to pay out a settlement to the Covington Catholic High Schooler Nick Sandmann after he sued the network for defamation. 

Now the real reason for CNN settling has been speculated by Fox News co-host Juan Williams as CNN wanted to “ avoid discovery,’ where the network’s internal communications and emails would become public.” 

“I think a lot of people who don’t like CNN are quick to rush and say, ‘Oh this means CNN admitted that they did wrong.’ I think — I know lawyers — the lawyers are like, ‘Oh, if we have to go through discovery then that means emails and discussions are gonna be revealed. We may not want that out,’” Williams explained.

It makes sense that CNN would not want to reveal their inner discussions and emails to the public because then they are exposing themselves and all the terrible things they have done. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: Inside Higher Ed

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