Furious Democrat TARGETS Kevin McCarthy

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You won’t believe what she said.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Tammy Duckworth attacked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stating that he is “standing with the enemy of the Constitution.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper said, “Looking at the picture of Kevin McCarthy down at Mar-a-Lago today gripping and grinning with the man who promoted the attack on the Capitol, praised the attackers even after the fact, what does that meeting and that picture say to you?”

Duckworth said, “It tells me that he stands with someone who basically incited insurrection as opposed to standing with our Constitution. He has essentially violated his oath of office that he took when he was sworn in. That is to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead, he’s now standing with the enemy of the Constitution.” You can watch a clip of Duckworth’s remarks here.

Image credit: Axios

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