House Democrats THREATEN To Do WHAT!?

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They should not be allowed to do this…

House Democrats have recently stated that they will force the government to shutdown unless certain statues are removed.

A statement from Politico states:

Requiring the removal of Confederate statues in the Capitol almost certainly sinks the bill’s chances of becoming law before government funding runs out at the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has pushed for the removal of statues amid nationwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the fate of the markers should be up to states that donated them.

“Every state is allowed two statues. They can trade them out any time,” McConnell told reporters last month. “A number of states are trading them out now, but I think that’s the appropriate way to deal with the statue issue. The states make that decision.”

Things are starting to get progressively worse. Next thing you know, Democrats will want to start burning books of American history. It’s exactly what China is doing to Hong Kong, but we will not stand for it and we will fight back.

Moving forward is one thing, but destroying history is another. Read the full story here.

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