James Comey Shows EXACTLY How Stupid He Is To America

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Was this really our Former FBI Director?

The Inspector General’s report has revealed hard evidence into the FBI investigation in President Trump’s campaign. However, James Comey had a different take on what was written in the report.

A reporter asked Comey, “Do you think this is vindication?” to which he responded with, “It is. I mean, the FBI’s had to wait two years while the president and his followers lied about the institution. Finally the truth gets told.”

What Comey did not realize was that the report did not vidicate anyone, but instead revealed the illegal acts the FBI was taking in monitoring Trump’s campaign. 

Comey makes it even worse by going onto Fox News and responding to the statement, “The IG says you should feel no vindication.” with, “Well, maybe it turns upon how we understand the word.”

There is only one definition for the word vindication and it’s obvious Comey does not know the definition. Read the rest of Comey’s stupidity here.

Image credit: Reason

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