Liberal Governor ERUPTS, Says WHAT About Trump?

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She’s gone mad.

According to Breitbart News, Governor Gretchen Whitmer attacked President Donald Trump stating his “virus response is the worst in the globe.”

Whitmer said, “So last night president talked about lockdowns. We have not had a stay-at-home order since late spring. But I know he never lets the facts get in the way of comments he’s making. Every moment that we are not focused on the fact there are 220,000 Americans who died for this virus is good for him. In that sense, as he insights additional violence against people who are just trying to save one another’s lives, it good for him. That’s why I don’t want to talk about him endangering public servant’s lives. I want to talk about what he hasn’t done, and that’s his job.”

She continued, “The Trump virus response is the worst in the globe. In the world, it’s the worst. 8 million people have been — have contracted COVID-19, 220,000 dead. We’ve got people in food pantry lines who never would have imagined that they would be there. And no light on the horizon because our numbers keep going up. This is a grave, serious moment for all of us. If you’re tired of lockdowns or tired of wearing masks or you wish you were in church this morning or watching college football or your kids were in-person instruction, it’s time for change in this country. That’s why we’ve got to elect Joe Biden.” You can watch a clip of Whitmer’s remarks here.

Image credit: Vox

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