Liberal Journalist Just Called Trump WHAT?

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He just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, journalist Roland Martin attacked President Donald Trump stating he’s “dangerous and deranged.”

Martin said, “If you recognize how this man is nuts, the focus should be very simple mobilize, organize, register and vote. If you want to honor the memory of Congressman John Lewis, if you want to honor Reverend C.T. Vivian, Reverend Joseph Lowery, if you want to honor Freedom Fighters, get this nut out.”

He added, “I don’t care how he might respond after the election. If you rely on the polls and don’t vote, then he wins four years, it doesn’t matter. So I think if you are an opposer of Trump, that’s what the focus should be. I understand we focus on these things, and then the question is legitimate, but the reality is to give him the answer first. Make sure that he loses, that he experiences that feeling. Trust me, he’s going to go. Let be real clear — Donald Trump is going to get out of the White House, OK. We have laws. We have rules. We have a very strong military and police who will usher him out of according to the Constitution. I’m not worried about that my worry is whether the people are going to be lackadaisical and sit back and not vote. Every person should focus and make sure this man has no access to power after November. He is dangerous and deranged.” You can watch a clip of Martin’s remarks here.

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