Mayor Gets EXACTLY What He Deserves

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This should have happened sooner.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio recently stated that he is planning on furloughing himself as well as his entire staff after a $9 billion loss in revenue.

De Blasio had previously stated that he could be laying off around 22,000 local government employees because of the loss of revenue to the city caused by the coronavirus pandemic, however, the plan was put on hold.

The city revenue is still in the red, so De Blasio has stated he will furlough himself and 494 staffers for a week in hopes to help slow down the rapid decline. The city will save an estimated $860,000 because of this.

Though he’s furloughing himself, he still blames federal government for everything thats happening. He stated, “I couldn’t have imagined no action from Washington D.C. up to this point. I truly believed our colleagues in Albany would have acted on long-term bargaining.”

It’s insane that he has the audacity to state that the federal government is all to blame when it was recently revealed that his wife has been employing six staff members and paying them huge chunks of taxpayer money.

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Image Credit: City & State

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