Mayor Receives CHILLING Message

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This is his last chance before chaos happens…

Senator Simcha Felder has recently stated that he will be forcefully opening playgrounds if Mayor Bill de Blasio does not open them within “a few days.”

The senator slammed De Blasio for “catering” to his donors and supporters and allowing certain city playgrounds to remain open while literally chaining and welding shut gates of other playgrounds.

Felder said, “It’s a tale of two cities. Wealthier neighborhoods like Central Park and the east side of Manhattan, there’s certain playgrounds in certain neighborhoods, somehow the playgrounds and parks are open.”

“In other neighborhoods they’re closed. [De Blasio] is doing whatever he likes. He is catering to the people that support him most.”

Felder ended up giving De Blasio a final statement saying:

“I am giving you a commitment that in a short amount of time, if they don’t open the playgrounds – it’s not only me – many colleagues and elected officials are going to go to the playgrounds ourselves. It’s not a big deal, you get a chain-cutter and open the playgrounds. And if they lock it again, we’ll cut it again.”

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: New York Post

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