MSNBC Host Deals LOW BLOW To Trump

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She’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow attacked President Donald Trump stating that his speech was a “a kick in the teeth to every American” trying to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Maddow said, “I just keep thinking about people I know in my own life, who have elderly relatives, their moms, in most cases, the people I know, who are in congregate living places or in old folks’ homes, and they can’t physically be with them. And they have been — they have spent months now not making any physical contact with their elderly parents, afraid that they’re going to die from COVID or die from something else, and not have family with them.”

She added, “I keep thinking about the hospital workers who break down and tell us that the hardest thing in their lives is not being able to let family into the hospital to be with a dying loved one. Because they can’t because of coronavirus infection protocols. And I think about all the families that are suffering right now trying to figure out what the freak they are going to do about school and childcare. Because none of it makes sense, and there is no solution to it.”

She continued, “It is because we are all trying to stop the spread of coronavirus, and they just put 2,000 people at that White House event, not socially distanced, no masks, for hours, all screaming their guts out, packed together. And that is a danger, but it is also — it’s a kick in the teeth to every American who has sacrificed over the past six months to try to do their part to try to save lives in this country, to see what they did.” You can watch a clip of Maddow’s remarks here.

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