Pence Gives FINAL Message To Liberals

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This will happen regardless of whether or not they want it…

While attending a roundtable discussion in Louisiana, Vice President Mike Pence doubled down on having schools reopen for in-person learning.

Pence stated that he believes the nation is in a better position than a few months ago. He said, “We not only slowed the spread, but we bent the curve and we’re going to do it again… Because of the seamless partnership with your governor and because of the extraordinary support that we’ve received from members of Congress, we have more resources today to deal with this pandemic than ever before.”

Pence also stated, “We’re here to support you, we’re here to support your efforts and to get our kids back on great campuses like this one, to get our kids back into the classroom. It’s the right thing to do for our for our young people, it’s also the right thing to do for working families who face a tremendous burden during the course of this four-month pandemic.”

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Image Credit: NBC News

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