Schiff Makes WILD Trump Accusation

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He’s got a problem…

Adam Schiff recently went on CNN’s “Situation Room,” and stated that President Trump has no right to try to reverse a “perfectly fair and well-executed election.”

Host Wolf Blitzer stated, “The president claims he won the election and tweeting all about that and congratulated Republicans in one Michigan county for initially refuse to go certify the election, but a couple of hours today they did, in fact, certify. He is pursuing a very flimsy argument in various courts, and most of them already have been rejected. This may be simply a bumbling attempt. Is the sitting president of the United States trying to overturn the legitimate results of this election?”

Schiff responded saying, “I think without question that is exactly what he is trying to do. He is failing, but, nonetheless, it’s staggering that a sitting president of the United States would try to overturn the results of a perfectly fair and well-executed election, remarkably well-executed election during a pandemic. It’s just extraordinary. It’s so damaging. He is going to fail. In the process, he is dragging down out Democracy. He is causing millions of Americans to distrust our own election system. He is making, frankly, the United States into a mockery on the world stage. We used to be the champions of democracy around the world before this administration. What are they to think now when we have a president of the United States who says America is not capable of holding a fair election? It is so damaging. Yet it’s not at all surprising for this president.”

Watch the whole interaction here.

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

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