Schiff Says The UNTHINKABLE About Trump

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He better be ready for what comes next.

During an interview on CNN, House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff stated that he believes Trump will “descend in further madness” as he thinks about his post-presidency “personal liability.”

Schiff said, “This is exactly who Donald Trump is. He would like to be an autocrat. He has nothing but disdain for the institutions of our democracy. And if he can stay in power by cheating or lying, or stealing, he’ll do it. He is going to fail at it. But the fact that he is entertaining this assortment of various morally challenged people in the Oval Office suggesting martial law or seizing voting machines is deeply damaging towards our democracy.”

He was then asked, “What are the guard rails for the next 30 days?”

He responded saying, “I think we can expect the president is going to descend in further madness as he exits the Oval Office and is worrying about his own personal liability and his financial debt and everything else. In terms of the guard rails, they’re the same guard rails ultimately that we always had, the people of the government. Will they stand up to him? Some will and some have, and all too many capitulated.”

Watch a clip of his statement here.

Image Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

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