Store Owner Faces Reality Of Defunded Police

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Is this what the Democrats want?

An auto-shop was recently broken into when a Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone protester somehow got into the store. The man allegedly stole cash and lit a counter on fire.

The owner stated that he repeatedly called the police, but no one arrived even as a mob was about to ransack the store.

The son of the owner said, “I chased him down and as soon as I came face to face, he came at me so I put him on the ground.” The owner then dialed 911 a total of 19 times, but received no response.

A report from The New York Post states, “Other protesters soon arrived — and video on social media shows the mob eventually knocking over a section of fencing, running in to confront the owners and angrily demand the return of the original suspect.”

The owner’s son also stated, “I think the mayor and governor need to get their act together — because this is beyond a protest.”

This is exactly what happens when Democrats call for defunding the police. Innocent people who need help get hurt.

Read the full story here.

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