Top Republican EXPOSES Democrats

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According to Breitbart News, Sen. Marsha Blackburn slammed Democrats stating that congress still “have not been told anything about threats that justify this level of security.”

Blackburn said, “We have not been told anything about threats that justify this level of security. And I find it so interesting, Shannon, they don’t think the border works — wall works at the border, but they do think it works here in D.C. and they want to make it permanent. It needs to come down. The fencing needs to come down.”

He added, “The Capitol is the people’s house to watch democracy in action. And we know that January 6 was an intel. failure. So, it sends a bad message to our foreign adversaries. We need to spend the money hiring, training, and equipping Capitol Police. But we do not need to keep this militarized zone up in the middle of Washington, D.C. The Guard troops deserve to be home with their families and not on duty here in Washington.” You can watch a clip of Blackburn’s remarks here.

Image credit: Business – Insider

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