Top Republican TERRIFIES Democrats With Latest Statement

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He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Democrats stating that Congress should vote to reject the election results.

“The president has always been concerned about the integrity of the election,” McCarthy said of the audio. “And the president believes that there are things that happened in Georgia, and he wants to see the accountability for it. But look, does anybody in America think the last election was done well?”

“What has happened here in this last election because of COVID — people just sending ballots out to anyone who is on the rolls. Well, these rolls have not been cleaned up. And this isn’t the first time this has happened,” he added. “When are we going to straighten out our elections, and when can we have a debate about the integrity of the elections? And if we really want to unite this nation, that’s what the House should be doing — and the Senate. This should never happen again in the future. We’ve watched it before. We have to change it, and we have to make sure that our elections are accountable, have integrity, and are safe.” You can watch a clip of McCarthy’s remarks here.

Image credit: National Review

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