Top Republican WARNS Americans Of THIS

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Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned Americans of court packing.

“This should scare every single American, regardless of where you stand politically,” McCarthy cautioned. “The Democrats inside Congress today would rather dismantle this nation than dignify the Constitution. This just goes to show how far the Democratic Party has moved. There almost are no longer common sense or moderate Democrats elected.”

He continued, “Even Joe Biden in the past was opposed to this. Those Democrats on the Supreme Court were opposed to this because what this simply does is it’s about control. It’s overtaking a branch of government simply to have your control over a nation. It must be the scariest thing I’ve ever heard them do. I never thought they would go this far. But now they’re not only proposing it — they’re moving it in legislation form.” You can watch a clip of McCarthy’s remarks here.

Image credit: NBC News

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