Trump EXPOSES Hypocritical Democrat Officials

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He makes a very good point.

President Trump was interviewed recently and stated that social distancing was still needed in order to combat the coronavirus outbreak. He also chastised Democrats for being “tough as hell on keeping people locked up in their houses” and then being “very weak” on their handling of riots and looting.

The interviewer Sean Spicer asked Trump, “I haven’t heard a lot about social distancing and gathering since all of these large protests and riots. [Does] that mean that social distancing is over?”

Trump responded saying, “No. It’s not over. We want to be back to normal, but it’s a little bit soon, but I watch these protesters, and they’re the ones that are all claiming social distancing, everything else, it’s really interesting. They do that, and then they’re jumping on top of each other by the thousands when they’re screaming and ranting and raving, which is not a good thing. I mean, we’re going to have to see how that works out.”

Trump also added saying that it was “very interesting with these liberal mayors, liberal Democrats — and governors, how they’re tough as hell on keeping people locked up in their houses. But when it comes to ending the crime and those stores being broken into, and the looting…they’re very weak on crime.”

Being a hypocrite must be a requirement to be a Democrat. Read the rest of the story and watch the interview here.

Image Credit: The New York Times

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