Trump Says THIS About Biden’s Incompetence

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People are probably regretting their vote.

During an interview, former President Trump slammed Biden for his incompetence with the border crisis.

Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Trump about the crisis and what the media would have done if Trump were in Biden’s position.

Trump responded saying, “They would not stand for it. And they’re playing it down as much as they can play it down. It’s a horrible situation, could destroy our country. People are pouring in. But you’ll see something as the months go by like you’ve never seen before. Already it’s like you’ve never seen before. There’s never been anything like what’s happened at our border. And people are coming in by the tens of thousands.”

“They’re walking in … all they had to do was leave it alone. If he’d left it alone, we were setting record positive numbers. And people would have to come in legally. And, you know, the other thing that people don’t talk about you, human trafficking and drugs. That’s double, triple, then quadruples coming in because that’s pouring in right now. Drugs are pouring in.”

Things were going well, but as per Biden’s agenda, he decided to dismantle anything Trump did during his presidency and paid the price.

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Image Credit: Fox News

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